Knockhill SMRC –  Rd.12 & 13

Knockhill SMRC – Rd.12 & 13

After the highs of the previous August meeting – when I took two podium finishes on the Knockhill reverse direction races – I knew it was going to be back to another steep learning curve.

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Knockhill SMRC –  Rd.10 & 11

Knockhill SMRC – Rd.10 & 11

Race report from my last Knockhill race meeting a couple of weeks ago in the Scottish FF 1600 Championship. It was back to school that week for me so as my parents always like to point out, schoolwork comes first.

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Knockhill SMRC –  Rd.3 & 4

Knockhill SMRC – Rd.3 & 4

My second race meeting, last month, had not gone well and I was left pretty down about it. The following week the engine builders had found quite a big issue.

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